Over many years I have written numerous papers about a range of different problems I see in my veterinary clinic every day. Below are a few of these articles with natural solutions to common problems.


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Can dogs eat yeast?

Yeast can occasionally be linked as a cause of allergies, but in my experience, this is not common. What I do see quite often in clinical practice, is the situation…

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Allergies to chicken in dogs

Chicken meat has long been lauded as the best choice of meats for a dog or cat with allergies or gastro-intestinal upsets. Whilst the latter is quite true (boiled chicken,…

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Treating Cushings disease in dogs and cats

Cushing’s disease, medically known as hyper-adrenocorticism, is a disease that results in overstimulation of the adrenal glands, and the excessive production of natural levels of corticosteroids. This condition used to…

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Bone Broth for Dogs

Bone broth is a simple way to add some extra nutrients to your dog’s diet, either as a daily supplement or to provide an extra boost to those recovering from…

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New Puppy Tips

I tackle the big question that springs to mind when first acquiring your puppy: “What do I do next?” This video details the various essential practices necessary to keep your…

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Feeding Bones to Dogs

Should you feed bones? What about cooked bones? I answer some of the questions dog owners have when treating their dogs to bones.

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Dog Allergy Solutions

What do you do when your dog has a skin condition or allergy? This video gives some helpful advice on what to do when your dog shows signs of a…

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Jumping Dog

Does your dog jump on people? In this video we cover some of the common remedies for making sure your pet stays well-behaved and keeps his paws on the ground.

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How to Stop Your Dog Barking

Do you have a dog that never stops barking? Are the neighbours going insane because of it? In this video we talk about several easy ways you can train your…

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House Training

House training is one of the most common questions at the vet, and this video talks about some ways to get your puppy/dog to be house-trained.

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Overweight Dogs and Cats

Does your pet suffer from obesity? It can lead to many health conditions, so Dr Bruce talks about what you can do to bring your pet back to optimal health.

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Fussy Dogs and Cats

Does your pet refuse to eat the food that you provide? This video explains how to slowly get your pet to change its diet.

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Complete Mix for Dogs and Cats

Veterinarian & Founder of ‘Vets all Natural” Dr. Bruce Syme demonstrates how to use “Complete Mix’ by mixing with equal parts water and combining with fresh meat to make healthy…

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