Vets All Natural was founded in Castlemaine, in regional Victoria, in 1995 by Dr. Bruce Syme.
Dr. Bruce has formulated a range of natural diets, supplements, treats and shampoos to combat many modern day diseases and generally maximize the health and longevity of dogs and cats.
The company is now based in Melbourne presently exports to Japan, USA, New Zealand and Singapore.

Dr. Bruce’s Mission

brucecollieI have developed this range of foods and supplements purely from a desire to heal animals.

I never set out to start a pet food/supplement company, I simply wanted to be “a good vet”.

As a dedicated and passionate animal lover, I felt frustrated in my role as veterinarian, that I was unable to adequately “cure” so many dogs and cats from long standing skin diseases, allergies, and arthritis, without relying on constant medication. I set out, as my own personal mission, to find a better way of healing these conditions.

I studied acupuncture, herbal medicine, homoeopathy, flower essences….. and finally came upon the answer : Nutrition.

Put more accurately, the cause is often deficiency. It is the simple understanding that the combination of cooking, artificial processing, and poor quality ingredients used in commercial pet foods (tinned and dry foods) has led to wide scale nutritional deficiencies in the dogs and cats that rely on these foods for their every day nutrition.

It is these subtle deficiencies, that accumulate over years of the animals life, that have led to the virtual epidemic of skin disease, allergies, arthritis, and ever increasing incidence of cancer, in domestic pets.

In developing the Vets All Natural range of foods and supplements, I wish to make available these simple but extremely effective concepts and solutions, to a wider range of animals than those I see in my clinic everyday.”

Dr. Bruce’s CV

1984-86: Bachelor of Science, Melbourne University. Major in molecular genetics.

1987-91: Bachelor of Veterinary Science, Melbourne University. Graduated with first class honours.

1992: 12 months practice in England working with Dr Colin Price, president of the British Small Animal Veterinary Association.

1993-96: Small animal practice in Melbourne- 12 months working with veterinary eye specialist Dr Robin Stanley, and then orthopaedic specialist Dr Don Kelman, before managing the East Malvern Veterinary Clinic.

1995: Qualified as a registered veterinary acupuncturist after completing the IVAS (International Veterinary Acupuncture Society) course.

Developed and released the first range of Vets All Natural products onto the veterinary market.

1996-98:   Moved to General (mixed) practice at the Castlemaine Vet Clinic. Presented a lecture on Raw Food Nutrition for Dogs and Cats at the 1997 Australian Veterinary Association Annual Conference.

Presented a lecture on Natural Veterinary Medicine at the 1998 Country Victorian Veterinary Association Conference.

Released the second range of Vets All Natural products onto the open pet market.

98-10: Currently own and operate the Vets All Natural Animal Health Centre which includes a veterinary clinic (5 veterinarians, 8 support staff – emphasis on natural health / medicine),  grooming, dog training, and a wholesale outlet for natural pet care  products, foods and fresh meats.
Located in Barker St, Castlemaine, in central Victoria.

Presented a lecture to the Country Victorian Veterinary Association annual conference, in October 2002, on the use of complimentary therapies for cancer treatment.

Gives a series of lectures every year on natural nutrition and supplements, to various breed clubs, training clubs, dog associations, organic farmers, and sustainable living groups.

Lecture every year with the Kintala Dog Club (founded by David Weston, author and teacher of The Gentle Modern Dog Training Technique)

Hosted the radio 3AK Saturday morning talk-back Pet Care hour on Melbourne radio

Regular guest veterinarian for Totally Wild TV show on Channel Ten

Guest veterinarian for Dave and Kim (In The Mornings) TV Show on Channel Ten

Talk-back presenter on RRR Melbourne radio

Mission Statement

Vets All Natural is passionately committed to producing foods and supplements that maximise the health and longevity of dogs and cats.

Code of Conduct

The staff at Vets All Natural work to the following standards.

•    Provide high quality scientifically formulated natural products.
•    Provide the appropriate products for all stages of a dog and cats life.
•    At all levels, educate the industry about the facts of natural nutrition.
•    Treat customer s and pet owners with complete honesty, respect and absolute priority.
•    Proudly support the reputation of the products and brand.
•    Show passion.
•    Encourage a fair and equitable workplace.
•    Hard-working.
•    Embrace pet organisations.
•    Have fun!